Sweater Weather in Brooklyn

When winter comes along, it’s easy to stick to sweaters and jeans all season long. However, if you’re like me and get bored with wearing just a sweater, here’s a way in which I try to change up my winter uniform.

Thrifting has become a new love of mine and the thrift stores in Brooklyn are amazing! Awhile ago I found this women’s blazer and fell in love with it! I’m a sucker for menswear on women and so I paired this blazer with my favorite sweater from Olive Clothing. 

I also added a red lip, my favorite mom jeans, and everyday shoes. The converse make the outfit more casual and help out with walking throughout the city. Practical shoes that won’t make your feet sore are a must. I learned the hard way when I first moved here. Let’s just say, ALOT of blisters.

Lastly, I accessorized my outfit with a Kate Spade watch and Coach purse, which I also found at a thrift store! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I do love watches. They’re simple and timeless! Except not, because they tell time and stuff…haha.

-Allie nonb-w-5-of-5jmk_2435jmk_2436jmk_2445nonb-w-4-of-5

Blazer: Thrifted

Mom Jeans: Thrifted

Paris Sweater: Olive Clothing

Coach Bag: Thrifted

Watch: Kate Spade

Shoes: Converse

Photo creds: Jeremy K. Photography

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