Girl in Yellow

I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately when it comes to getting dressed. We’re in the last stretch of winter and I just want to wear giant sweaters because it’s still freezing outside. Well on this day, I braved the 30 degree weather and crazy winds and wore something more suitable for spring. I also just love the color yellow, like many other girls, and so I decided to be the human embodiment of sunshine. Both my long sleeve shirt and denim vest are thrifted. The scarf in my hair is from Madewell and my jeans are from Urban Outfitters. My shoes and purse are thrifted as well. Also, I know that my purse doesn’t go great with this outfit but it’s what I’ve got and I wear it with almost everything. I’m not a huge purse girl and can never committ to buying one out of fear that it won’t end up going with everything. Lastly, my scarf is from Urban and my coat is from a small boutique back home.



Shirt, vest, shoes, and purse: Thrifted

Coat: Lesley Jane Boutique

Scarf  (the scarf I’m wearing is no longer available but I linked another one)

Silk Scarf